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Svensson brings 130 years of innovation in climate screens for greenhouse cultivation, giving plants better conditions to grow. The functional screens control humidity, temperature, and UV radiation and are tailored for every client.


Products & Solutions

Enduring, dependable, and dynamic: Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. Svensson offers a better climate for people and plants.

Svensson's functional climate screens control humidity, temperature, and UV radiation according to the growers' specific requirements, creating excelling conditions for better and greater production in greenhouses all over the world.

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Light Diffusion

The Harmony Climate Screens actively scatter the sunlight to sink deeper and more evenly into the crop. Harmony's gentle approach to managing sunlight results in healthier plants and accelerated production. To further improve cooling, many Harmony screens have an open structure that scatters sunlight more evenly.

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light transmition svensson.jpeg

Light Transmission

The Luxous Climate Screens lets most daylight reach the crop while saving energy and improving the greenhouse climate. Its translucent strips and closed structure are effective when in use and when not in use and lessens the risk of damage to plants as condensation on the screen at night is better absorbed. 

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light restriction svensson.jpeg

Light Restriction

The double-layered Obscura Climate Screens give you total control over the day length for your most sensitive plants and ensure effective cooling when a reflective upper surface is chosen. This high energy-saving solution increases productivity and more uniformity from supplemental lighting in the growing area.

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dual thermal control svensson.jpeg

Dual Thermal Control

The Tempa Climate Screens is a single-screen solution for shading, cooling, and maximum energy saving. It uses aluminum strips in a closed structure to bring the greatest energy savings of all. But it also doubles as an effective shading screen when needed. This dual functionality makes it ideal as a single screen solution or where needs are often changing. 

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Ventilated Pest Control

The Xsect Climate Screens are unique in their ability to keep harmful insects out of the greenhouse and beneficial insects inside while allowing maximum airflow. Carefully engineered, these screens are produced with consistent hole sizes and impenetrable weave that insects can’t burrow through. At the same time, air flows comfortably thanks to superior, small-diameter fibers

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Ground Cover

A groundcover provides a clean surface to walk on while keeping the soil free from weeds. It is strong, durable, and permeable to water. White groundcover is for use inside the greenhouse as it reflects the light. Black groundcover is used outside for stopping weeds from growing. It also reduces the need for herbicides.

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