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Royal Brinkman is a supplier, installer, and consultant for the professional horticultural industry. With knowledgeable employees and innovative solutions, Royal Brinkman delivers convenience, availability, application, and reliability worldwide.

Products & Solutions

Royal Brinkman has been a supplier, consultant, and installer for professional horticulture since 1885. Today they are one of the largest, renowned horticultural suppliers in the world of professional horticulture. With over 30,000 products, growers get access to a one-stop-shop. Royal Brinkman helps professional growers to excel in their business with horticultural supplies to meet all needs and offers expert knowledge and advice. Their specialists are able to advise growers on specific questions in horticulture, such as nutrition schedule, crop growth, greenhouse climate, business processes, and technical issues.

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Crop Protection & Disinfection

Royal Brinkman is a specialist in crop protection and disinfection and helps you develop an integrated pest management program with biological and chemical crop protection. This program is continuously improved based on the latest insights in crop protection, product choices, environmental impact, and costs.

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Crop Care

The health of the crop is crucial for the constant growth of the plant and a high yield. In horticulture, much attention is paid to the fertilization strategy and the right amount of sunlight. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of fertilizers and screens for professional horticulture, collaborating with experts in the horticultural industry to bring you the best solution for your greenhouse.

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Mechanical Equipment

Horticultural machinery is increasingly used in horticulture to simplify work. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of horticultural mechanical greenhouse equipment, machines and installations, cleaning equipment, pumps, and more for professional horticulture. Work more efficient, easier and safe when using the best Mechanical Equipment for your crop

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Service Articles

Service articles include all items that do not have a direct impact on the growth of your crop but are necessary for you in your daily business, such as clothing and footwear, safety items, paint and accessories, maintenance items, canteen products, hardware, and tools.

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Technical Projects

Opting for Royal Brinkman Technology means choosing reliability, quality and durability. Technical projects include water technology, electrical engineering, climate technology, and parts. Royal Brinkman helps you realise a greenhouse project that fits your needs for now and for the future.

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Crop Rotation

Royal Brinkman helps you prepare for the hectic period of starting new cultivation. Being in control over the tight schedule and having suitable growing materials is what they provide to the growers, making them feel prepared for a smooth crop rotation. Combine Royal Brinkman's twine, hooks, knowledge, and more for a healthy and stable start to every new growing season.

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Packaging is used in horticulture in large quantities to protect the growers' crops and helps distinguish their products from their competitors. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of packaging materials for professional horticulture, as well as a design studio to help you create a unique design that fits your corporate identity.

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HortiHygienz is a total concept for every issue concerning hygiene in the greenhouse. Whatever the question or challenge in the field of company hygiene, HortiHygienz has a solution for you. It is based on five pillars: Crop rotation, People, Materials, Water quality and Responsibility & sustainability

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