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Cultilene is committed to sustainable food production. Their goal is to offer innovative solutions to achieve maximum food production of maximum quality with as little water and energy as possible. Cultilene does this by delivering an optimal substrate (system) and irrigation strategy. Supported by data-driven growing based on a wireless sensor platform to unlock the insights contained in Big Data.


Products & Solutions

Cultilene offers a wide range of substrate solutions, customized solutions for every company and every growing situation. Cultilene supplies solutions that provide consistently excellent quality tailored to the growing situation of their clients and propagators. Cultilene's innovative and sustainable solutions help customers achieve maximum quality in their greenhouse with as little water and energy possible.



More roots in the cube and at the top. That is one of the most important and unique characteristics of RootmaXX. This cube has exceptionally good rooting with minimal vertical variation in WC, EC, and pH, minimizing the entry points for root pathogens.

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Easier rooting into the cube? Then Pc is the ideal cube for your crops. This cube has a lower density, which results in less resistance during rooting without sacrificing firmness. Pc always roots faster from the plug into the cube.​

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