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The Netherlands continuously innovates and reshapes the agriculture sector by bringing its technologies and knowledge into the global market. Dutch projects worldwide support local growers in finding integrated greenhouse solutions tailored to their needs, co-creating solutions for the respective local challenges.

Our open, inventive, and inclusive culture strengthens our leading position for Horticulture worldwide. Dutch greenhouse horticulture plays a key pioneering role in the supply of fresh and healthy products. Our entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge, and craftsmanship allow us to contribute to and cooperate closely with the Mexican agricultural sector.

By working together and continuously learning from each other, we will support your business and offer our innovative total solutions to optimise water, energy, mineral and fertilizer (re)use, climate control, tracking & tracing, food safety, and plant health, all adapted to the Mexican circumstances.



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Farming The Future is our vision. 

Achieving food security requires us to rethink the way the food system is designed. We need to substantially increase the supply of safe, nutritious and tasty food, while adhering to the highest environmental standards in an economically viable way for producers and consumers. We aim to contribute to this vision by supporting and cooperating with growers worldwide to increase productivity using sustainable agriculture methods. 

Both Mexico and the Netherlands face the challenge of increasing food productivity in a sustainable and efficient way for the international market. Our vision of circular horticulture is therefore not just a vision for the Netherlands, but also beyond borders.

By working together, we can accelerate the transition to sustainable horticulture!

Movie Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials  - with subtitles (ENG)

Movie Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials - with subtitles (ENG)

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