LetsGrow.com offers growers, crop advisors, and suppliers worldwide solutions that provide insight into their cultivation data and the current situation in their greenhouse. The available data from the greenhouse is analyzed and combined with plant physiological models, field expertise, and growers' extensive experience.


Products & Solutions

LetsGrow.com facilitates the practical integration of the Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE) philosophy, taking advantage of the latest technological advances and empowering growers through its expertise and platform.​


For Growers

LetsGrow.com helps growers worldwide to improve their cultivation process to improve the production and product quality.​With LetsGrow.com, growers have all available data in one customized dashboard, helping them achieve better results, increase the quality of data internally and externally, get more work done in less time, and receive better advice.

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For Crop Consultants

LetsGrow.com is a platform for crop consultants worldwide that supports their business by saving them time and providing them with active use a better quality of the services offered. With monitoring at a distance, LetsGrow.com has developed the perfect tool for crop advisors.

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For Suppliers

Suppliers in the horticultural sector can differentiate themselves using LetsGrow.com as it combines raw data with Artificial Intelligence (AI), plant physiology, and the knowledge of the products made by the supplier. ​In collaboration with the suppliers, LetsGrow.com maps the customer's needs and based on these needs, data is easily transformed into the most effective, usable, and user-friendly information and presented.

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